Sex & Nudity: Edit

Sex & Nudity: 5/10.

Some prostitutes offer men their service, but it is mostly refused or referred once.

Some sexual references.

One scene of passionete kissing.

Violence & Gore:Edit

Violence & Gore: 9/10.

The Last Enforcement is a crimefilm but not graphic like Grand Theft Auto movies or Red Dead Redemption.

- A man threatens another man on gunpoint, threatens to shoot him and talks to him. He then shoots him. The man has a large bullet-wound on his chest with blood and some blood drips from his mouth.

- During a routine-arrest, officers shoot with shotguns in the air and one man fights back and is shot in the arm.

- An informant is shot through the back of his head and blood spatters.

- Some arrest-practicing, in which people are hit with fake-bullets.


Profanity: 2/10.

Some uses of "damn", "bitch" and "bastard"

1 use of "son of a bitch".