Sex & Nudity:Edit

Sex & Nudity: 2/10.

Some kissing, non sexual.

One reference to sexual intercourse, but it is not really explicit.

Violence & Gore:Edit

Violence & Gore: 8/10.

Strong violence throughout, but not at very gory levels.

- At the beginning, a ship is stolen and you see several people being taken out with bruised faces. One is shot with a laser gun, no blood/gore is shown.

- A man is shot in the head with laser-gun, you see some smoke, but nothing graphic is shown.

- A man is shown with parts of his face burned away, nothing graphic is shown. Only some black injuries, it is more creepy then disturbing.

- A man is electrocuted with torture-machines. You hear him scream.

- Several aliens are shot & killed with laser guns, sometimes you see briefly some green goo spattering, but it is really briefly.

- A man kills some kind of creature as a form of hunting with a spear. You see some blood.

- Some references to space war, some images are shown too.

Note: the violence is very action sense, not gory. It could have been easily rated PG for it's violence.