Sex & Nudity:Edit

Sex & Nudity: 10/10.

Contains strong over the top sexual content throughout the entire film.

- Kaleb Nation is shown flirting with a drunk girl, they walk to the toilet. She moves her head towards Kaleb's crotch, and Kaleb suddenly makes an akward face implying the girl performs oral sex on him.

- Kaleb Nation orders a prostitute and you later see them both under a blanket riding graphically. You also hear moaning saying enough that they have sex.

- At the beginning, Kaleb Nation tells his hobby's, including having S&M-sex with prostitutes and some of it is shown. You see Kaleb in a thight leather black suit whipping a woman on her back, she moans implying she is having sexual enjoinment. You later see the woman standing on a table with a rope around her neck while she rides Kaleb graphically.

- Kaleb enters Justin Bieber's apartment where he finds himself riding a teenager graphically under a blanket.

- Kaleb shows photos of Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson having sex with young girls. It is quite explicit.

- A scene shows Kaleb Nation watching a pornographic movie. A close-up of the woman's vulva is given visible.

- Sexual explicit references throughout.

Violence & Gore:Edit

Violence & Gore: 5/10.

The entire film's theme is Kaleb Nation wanting to kill Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson. He often uses a knife or sniper, but no blood is depicted.

Kaleb is beaten up by a former and fellow bodyguards of Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson. He is later shown covered in bloody adhesive bandages.


Profanity: 7/10.

20 uses of "fuck" in the movie.

At least 1000 uses of "shit".

Some uses of "damn" and Hell", but not too harsch.

Kaleb Nation often offenses Justin Bieber with "faggit".

1 use of "dick".


Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking: 5/10.

During the hobby-talk, Kaleb Nation tells that he often smokes a joint with his friends. He is shown smoking the joint and becoming numb.

There is a party-scene where people are dancing and some of them are smoking or doing drinks.

There is one scene in which Kaleb Nation joins a drink game.

Kaleb Nation's best friend tells he is addicted to cocaine.

Frightening/ Intense Scenes:Edit

Frightening/ Intense Scenes: 7/10.

The entire film is disturbing.

the S&M sex scene might be rough.

The main character, Kaleb Nation, is a hyperactive guy who can't say a word without saying profanity, who can't let a woman go without sexual remarking her and who does everything to kill his enemies.

The main plot being about a guy who wants to kill Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson can be intense somewhat.

total count examination: 34/50.

Rated R for sexual content and nudity, drug and alcohol use, and language.