Sex & Nudity:Edit

Sex & Nudity: 0/10.

None, some brief references which are not really clear, so none.

Violence & Gore:Edit

Violence & Gore: 10/10.

Not a VERY violent film compared to movies now adays, but what violence is in Halo: Combat Evolved can be pretty bloody and realistic.

The entire film has super-soldiers, aliens and other strange creatures being killed with weapons, resulting in numerous bodies.

Alien are shot & killed with machine-guns by Master Chief and you see some green gore spattering. Also an alien is shot point blank in the face (graphic)

Master Chief is "destroyed" into an explosion and he's graphically resurrected.

An alien's arm is cut off.

There is martial arts violence throughout the entire movie between super-soldiers against super-soldiers.

Johnson performs autopsy on an alien, and the alien's stomach is graphically removed and his brains are investigated. You hear squishing sounds and some gore on Johnson's hands.

One of The Brutes uses his axe to slash a human apart, you see blood on the axe. The Brutes is then shot in the head multiple times, you see blood gush out of the bulletwounds.

A man is graphically ripped apart by the parasitic Flood. This happens multiple times.

The Flood is killed and explodes into graphic gore.

Master Chief uses a machine-gun to shoot multiple aliens and you see green gore spattering on the wall briefly.

Some of the alien like creatures could be disturbing.

A spaceship explodes, killing many super-soldiers.

An alien's throat is slashed, you see green gore come out briefly.


Profanity: 5/10.

Moderate to strong profanity. The f-word is used only once, although you can barely hear it. 15 uses of 'shit', 'hell' is used about 9 times, 'damn' is used 5 times, (2 of them "god damn"), "ass" is used 6 times.

Some brief religious profane like "god-damn" and jezus christ." or "oh my god".


Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking: 2/10.

Some smoking and drinking, but nothing significant.

Frightening/ Intense Scenes:Edit

Frightening/ Intense Scenes: 10/10.

The most scary and graphic scenes are when the flood infects someone and you see his entire body being ripped apart and also changing them into zombie like creatures. Very disturbing for kids, but it is rated R so no kids would watch this movie.

The aliens could be scary. Some of them have four mouths.

Action violence throughout. It might be intense to some.

total count examination: 26/50.

Rated R for strong science-fiction violence and language.