Sex & Nudity: Edit

Sex & Nudity: 8/10. (movie should be rated NC-17)

Lots of scenes which happen at a stripclub, lots of women are shown performing lap and pole dancing and they're breasts are visible but stars cover the nipples. They only wear revealing bra's and thongs. Not sure how it didn't get an NC-17 rating.

There is a scene where a looped clip of a dancing woman in short shorts is seen on a television.

A man and a woman are in a car and are seen passionetely kissing. The car begins moving implying they have sex.

A man tries to rape a woman in the ladiesroom of a stripclub, she struggles and you see a part of her breasts. You also see her screaming.

A woman performs a lap-dance on a man. Quite sexually.

A man visits another man in a stripclub and women dance on their own mini stage, the female dancers wear mini skirts and a tank top.

A man is laying on a couch in a stripclub with lots of women who only wear a bra and a thong. Their breasts are visible, but only the nipples are covered.

A man discusses with his friend that he has lots of girlfriend and they also discuss if they're hot or not. Quite sexual.

Lots of explicit sexual references.

Violence & Gore: Edit

Violence & Gore: 10/10.

Please note that all the violence is highly stylized, but it is still quite graphic and disturbing.

A man is shot through the eye and blood comes dripping from his eye.

Two men beat up another man. You see some blood and he is coughing badly. The two men are later beaten up by another guy with lots of blood spattering.

A man slices another man with a knife (blood spatters). He takes the knife and stabs him and throws him from the roof into the water (graphic)





Frightening/ Intense ScenesEdit

Frightening/ Intense Scenes:

total count examination:

Rated R for strong bloody violence and gore, graphic nudity, sexual content, pervasive language and drug use.