Sex & Nudity:Edit

Sex & Nudity: 6/10.

There is no sexuality in the film, but there are explicit references and sexual intentions throughout.

- A man shows intention to have sex with a woman.

- A man refers to a woman's breasts.

- Three children discuss and read a pornographic magazine.

- A man says he respects people with a sex addiction.

- A man tells that he once photograped naked "hotties." He shows the photos, but nothing is shown.

- Some other references, but these are the most explicit.

Violence & Gore:Edit

Violence & Gore: 10/10.

- You see a man bound to a chair and a man about to hit him with a machete, and when he hits him you see a huge amount of blood spatter on the wall. He continues and even more spatters.

- A man is stabbed in the throat and he pushes it further and you blood gush on his clothes.

- Three children go inside a house and find multiple decomposed corpses with flies buzzing around. They scream, hear the killer coming down the stairs and run away.

- A man shows a photo of two bloodied bodies.

- A man is shot through the head and you see blood spatter.

- A man continues to shoot a man with a machine-gun with bloody results.

- A man is shot through the chest and then shot through the head. Blood spatters on the wall and you see bloody bulletwounds.

- A man tells how he survived with his brother the bloody massacre of his family. In a flashback it was revealed that they were forced to watch how they were disembowled. (you hear gutting briefly)

- Two girls are shot through the head and you see blood spread all around.

- A man is thrown into an alley and then stabbed three times you see blood gushing.

- A man is shot with a shotgun and you see blood and organic matter spatter everywhere.

- A man jumps off a roof and you see all blood and guts laying everywhere.

- Three people are shot, nothing is shown.

Quite A Graphic Movie, Could Have Been Easily Rated NC-17.