Directed by: Rockstar Leeds.

Produced by: Rock Vienna.

Writers: Rockstar Leeds.

Tagline: Las Vegas Has Another Side At Night.

Genre: Crime/ Drama/ Action.

Plot: The small-time gangster only known as "Player" was born in the criminal neighborhood of the Las Vegas Strip in a poor family, but finally become one of the most richest owners of a Las Vegas Strip empire. However, every criminal doesn't stay at the top forever and he finds himself making enemies with Las Vegas's most dangerous rival crime-bosses.


Dorian Missick - Player.

Ray Liotta - Oswaldo Caupelian.

Michelle Pffeifer - Julianna Moore.

Baine Klever - Lesker.

John Wayne - Mr. Pete.

Doriano Dominas - Marcel Cliebber.

Also Known As: Midnight Club: The IMAX Experience.

MPAA: Rated R for strong brutal violence throughout, sexuality and nudity, pervasive language and drug content.

Parental Guide: view content advisory for Midnight Club.

Runtime: 178 min | 208 min (Uncut, Unrated & Extended Version)