Directed by: Brian DePalma.

Produced by: Rockstar North/ DMA Design.

Writers: Take Two Interactive.

Tagline: Discover The Origins Of Their Power.

Genre: Crime/ Drama.

Plot: The film portrays the early days of Al Capano, the fifth son of Don Roberto Capano. When his father dies, Al's brother Rubon takes over the family, much to Al's dismay. Capano succumbs to greed when he begins to take over his family's empire...


James McAvoy - young Al Capano.

Marlon Brando - eldery Al Capano.

Damian Lewis - Rubon Capano.

Adrian Paul - Thomas "Tommy" Capano.

Paul Newman - Don Roberto Capano.

Amber Tamblyn - Edie.

Robert DeNiro - Don Sillica Matoso.

Also Known As: Grand Theft Auto: The Rise Of Capano: The IMAX Experience.

MPAA: not known yet.

Runtime: approxemly 117 min.

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