Directed by: Take Two Interactive.

Produced by: Take Two Interactive/ Rockstar North.

Writers: Take Two Interactive.

Tagline: Welcome To Liberty City, A Place Where The Only Dirty Word Is Hope.

Genre: Crime/ Drama/ Action/ Thriller.

Plot: Nico Bellic, an East-European immigrant, travels to Liberty City after his cousin Roman said he had the American Dream there. After the arrival, Nico discovers that Roman was lying to him and actually lives in a small apartment and is not rich at all. He runs a small taxi-company and has problems with criminal organisations.


Vladimir Moskov - Nico Bellic.

Jason Zumhalt - Roman Bellic.

Moti Margolin - Dimitri Rascalov.

Also Known As: Grand Theft Auto IV: The IMAX Experience.

Runtime: 126 min.

MPAA: Rated R for strong brutal violence, some strong sexual content, pervasive language and drug content.

Parents Guide: view content advisory for GTA: IV.