Directed by: Dave Schram.

Produced by: Dave Schram.

Writers: Dave Schram/ Jim Carrey.

Tagline: There Are Eight Survivors, And They're Not Or-Right!!!

Genre: Action/ Comedy.

Plot: After the Palestina conflicts have caused a world-war, eight mercenaries try to find a sanctuary. One problem: they act like mentally disabalised guys!


Dave Schram - Bob Ross.

Jim Carrey - Carl Diaz.

Juan Asombo Macro - Lekka Machine/ Srgt. Martini.

Charlie Sheen - Lt. Erickson The Asshole.

James Avery - Silent Soldier.

Anna Faris - Officer Bitch.

Adam Sandler - Paulie The Girly Soldier.

Rowan Atkinson - Mr. Nice Guy.

Also Known As: Funny People: The IMAX Experience.

MPAA: Rated R for strong bloody comedy violence, sexual content including nudity and references, and pervasive language.

Parents Guide: view content advisory for Funny People.

Runtime: 113 min (theartical version) | 117 min (Extended & Unrated Version)

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