What happened to Grove Street?Edit

It's not explained, although CJ has a main role in the movie. Maybe it will be explained in GTA: VI, although it's not sure because CJ is killed in this movie.

It could be possible that he was shot through the shoulder, to fake his death for Sweet and his family.

Who dies?Edit

Angel Fish = is one of the drug dealers and shot to death during the deal.

Tommy Vercetti = returned in the film but was brutally killed by stabbing.

Mrs. Irma Capano = wife of mob boss Al Capano, was abused by her husband and she committed suicide by overdosing herself.

Slow Joe - assistent of Al Capano, was shot & killed in rage by Capano because he was responsible for his wife.

Car Drivers - lots of car drivers die during the highway chase.

Claude Speed - shot to death during shoot-out between gang and the Capano family.

Earl (a.k.a. The Hitman) was tortured by having genitals destroyed with the wheel of a motorcycle and later had his throat slit open off-screen.

Edie = was blown up in an explosion in front of Luenell.

Carl CJ Johnson = was killed when he tried to assassin Al Capano.

Al Capano = was shot & killed by a group of Luenell's men.

Thoar Luenell = it is unknown whatever Luenell survived or died from the headshot. The most logical anwser is yes.

The Public Assassin = was shot & killed by Luenell's bodyguards when he shot Luenell.

What's the shot from GTA: III?Edit

It was Luenell who shot Maria to ask help from Claude. This is shown in a flashback.

Is there going to be a sequel?Edit

It is not clear yet. Rockstar North said that ending the series would be good, or create another movie which is a follow up of this one and would follow Luenell back and then fighting again against organized crime.

North said that he is currently working on Grand Theft Auto: The Rise Of Capano. This will be a prequel of the Capano family.

How does the movie end?Edit

After the large gang-war between Capano family and Luenell and his henchman, Thoar Luenell takes revenge on the Capano family by killing Al Capano who killed his wife. He later gives a speech that he will continue to fight against the organized crime. He is then shot by Earl in the head, (earl is killed by security-guards). He is brought to the hospital where the nurses fight to resurrect him.