Directed by: Take Two Interactive.

Produced by: Ymai Kaytseki.

Writers: Ymai Kaytseki.

Genre: Science-Fiction/ Horror.

Tagline: They Thought They Were The Only Survivors, But Someone Else Survived.

Plot: After the code red alarm at a labatory, three doctors wake up there, believing they survived some kind of virus infection. Everyone else is dead, but they soon find themselves fighting against a very dangerous and murderous experiment...


Noami Watts - Dr. Ripley Weaverson.

Cilian Murphy - Dr. Ashford Joelina.

Angelina Wolfs - Dr. Meg Dafoe.

Don Carlule - The Experiment.

Also Known As: Bioshock: The IMAX Experience.

MPAA: Rated R for graphic horror violence and gore throughout, and language.

Parents Guide: view content advisory for Bioshock.

Runtime: 103 min (theartical version) | 109 min (Unrated Version)

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